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Spammers and scammers have used the URL redirection service and we have blocked them for your safety.

We cannot remove you from mailing lists and we did not send the original spam emails.

Further information

The link you clicked was masquerading under a link from the URL shortening service, This is a service that is intended to shorten long web address (e.g. into a short one (e.g. Unfortunately, in this instance, it was used to link to a spam producing or otherwise dodgy site.

The link has since been disabled and you have been directed to this page instead, which is safer than the original website.

If you want to though, you can access the original URL, but we do not recommend it: does not spam anyone, so please do not complain to us about spams you received. We can take down other URLs from as necessary, but that's as much as we can do. We only provide hosting services, and occasionally these can be abused.

About is a brand new URL shortening service. By reducing the URL length, you can share addresses easily with others. This is especially useful where space is limited, such as twitter tweets.

We promise that this service will be around as long as the Internet exists. We piggyback off a high powered hosting provider and are prepared to handle as many users as you can throw at us.

We use the phURL software and have contributed the following utilities for use with it:

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